Coming out of the “Woo Closet”: facing shame, stigma and historical trauma

This is absolutely inspiring. I aspire to find such courage in myself and my voice, and value this writer’s process as a mirroring and validation of my own fears. Blessed be.

andi grace

“Although the process of seeking intuition sounds clunky and awkward as we describe it here, with practice it gets smoother and more effective…To many readers this passage will sound too New Age for words (one of Janet’s regular partners a highly intuitive body worker and martial artists says indignantly, “I don’t do woo woo shit.)”
– Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton in The New Topping Book

“Because this magical “conversation with nature” was interpreted as a prohibited intervention in God’s plan, the witches had to atone for this heinous act with their lives.”
– Claudia Müller-Ebeeling, Christian Rätsch and Wolf-Dieter Storl in Witchcraft Medicine

I am a witch. A powerful sorceress. I can fly.  I read tarot cards for myself, my community and for my work and I take seriously what they reveal. I see and feel the spirits of animals and people that aren’t always visible on this…

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